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Victor Equipment Wheels. Engineered to fit Porsche vehicles perfectly and designed to complement the performance and racing aesthetic of Porsche.
Porsche Wheels
Porsche Wheels
Porsche Wheels

High performance wheels for Porsche Vehicles

Victor Equipment Wheels for Porsche Vehicles. Founded for Porsche owners by a Porsche owner. Our goal is to build the ultimate Porsche wheels for Porsche cars or Porsche SUVs no compromises.

Almost every Porsche model requires a specific wheel application. The Porsche 911 requires a wider rear wheel than does the Boxster, while the Cayenne and Panamera are the only Porsche vehicles that accept a 22-inch wheel. At Victor Equipment, we make sure that we have the right wheel application for your Porsche. Victor Equipment wheels are designed to work with original Porsche air sensors (TPMS). To ensure a smooth ride, all Victor Equipment wheels are hub-centric for Porsche. And, if its the original Porsche cap and emblem you want on your wheels, Victor Equipment Porsche wheels are engineered to accept these.

Porsche cars and SUVs are made without compromise, and so should your wheels. When it comes to aftermarket Porsche Wheels designed to fit your vehicle, look no further than Victor Equipment.

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